When looking to determine whether your browser or device can support Passkeys and Trusona services, there are a handful of sites you can utilize to determine if passkeys are fully supported.

We will want to gather information regarding the following:

  1. Device OS Version
  2. Authentication Options
    1. Desktop Authentication Methods (Finger, Face, PIN, Password)
    2. Mobile Authentication Methods
    3. Password Managers
  3. Browser Details
    1. Vendor
    2. Version
    3. Privacy (Incognito)

While this seems daunting, Trusona has sites that can determine this information for you!

The first site is https://passkeys-sdk-example.lab.trusona.net/ . This site will determine if you have a supported platform authenticator, browser, and autofill. Navigate to the site and there will be three checkboxes at the bottom of the page. If all three of these are green, you are good to go! Otherwise, you'll want to reach out to support@trusona.com and we can assist in determining why not all three of the checkboxes are green.

The second site is https://portal.trusona.com/ . This allows you to experience the Trusona Journey using OIDC to authenticate you.

The third site is https://demo.trusona.com/ .  This allows you to experience the Trusona Journey and how it can be utilized in your own application through our SDK. There are two versions of the SDK, the Touchpoint SDK and the Webauthn SDK. The Touchpoint SDK is what is showcased on this site. To learn more about the SDKs, please reach out to support@trusona.com

There is also a non-Trusona site, https://webauthn.io/ . This allows you to fully exercise WebAuthn on any device outside of the Trusona ecosystem.