What is the purpose of this guide?

Uninstalling Trusona from Okta.

Who is this guide for?

Admins who have installed Trusona in their Okta SSO environment and are now trying to uninstall Trusona.

What is required?

Admin access to Okta.

All steps are in Okta. 

No action is necessary in the Trusona Dashboard or the Trusona App.

1. Delete the routing rule under "Security -> "Identity Providers" -> "Routing Rules"

2. Delete the Okta sign-on policy under "Security" -> "Okta Sign-on Policy"

3. Delete the related trusted origin under "Security" -> "API" -> "Trusted Origins"

4. Delete the "Trusona" group under "Directory -> "Groups" -> "Add Group"

5. Delete the custom "Trusona" application under "Applications" -> "Applications" 

Please refer to the Trusona-Okta Cloud IAM documentation for more information.

Please reach out to support@trusona.com if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback.