When attempting to enroll via the Trusona Windows Setup application on your Workstation, the applications checks if there is a TPM installed. A TPM is required in order to use our Passwordless solution to log into your Workstation. 

If you encounter this error, ensure you have a TPM enabled and configured

Run the following command in an elevated PowerShell prompt:


This is an example output of that command:


TpmPresent        : True
TpmReady : True
ManufacturerId : 1447909120
ManufacturerIdTxt : VMW
ManufacturerVersion : 2.101
ManufacturerVersionFull20 :
ManagedAuthLevel : Full
OwnerAuth :
OwnerClearDisabled : False
AutoProvisioning : Enabled
LockedOut : False
LockoutHealTime : 10 minutes
LockoutCount : 0
LockoutMax : 31
SelfTest : {}

If you are installing Trusona on a Virtual Windows 10 Machine, you will need to enable the TPM on the virtualization software you are using.