After integrating Trusona with Okta, the sign in page will look different. By default, it will include the username and password fields above a button that say 'Sign in with Trusona'. If a customer would like to eventually move away from passwords, we have a few options for them to progressively move to passwordless sign ins over time. 

This is currently configurable in the console. We are considering on making it available for customers to update in the dashboard. 

There are four sign in options: 

1) form_first (Default)

This will display the username and password fields above the 'Sign in with Trusona' button.

2) passwordless_first

This will display the 'Sign in with Trusona' button above the username and password fields. 

3) minimized_form

This will minimize the username and password fields to a button and display the 'Sign in with Trusona' button above the 'Sign in with username and password' button. 

4) passwordless

This will only show the 'Sign in with Trusona' button. Users will not see a username and password option. 


In order to update an Okta integration with one of these sign in options, you will need to modify the config in the console. 

1) Go to, and log in 

2) On the lefthand navigation, select Trusona Service > Integrations

3) On the lefthand side of the page, select the filter icon

4) Select the Relying Party the Okta integration is part of and select 'Filter'

5) Find the Okta integration and select 'Edit'

6) In the config, find the word format. 

If you can't find it, you may have to add it. If you need to add it, you will need to specify it like this: "format": "sign in option"

Specify this after the first curly bracket where you see "okta". See screenshot below

Change the value after "format": to one of the sign in options:





7) Once you have specified the sign in option, select 'Update Integration'