Granting someone else (e.g., Executive Assistant, etc) access to sign into Okta on your behalf. 


    Delegator = person giving / passing on the delegation

    Delegatee = person receiving / assuming the delegation

Setup Delegated access, using Trusona

Trusona App setup

  1. The delegator and delegatee(s) need to install the Trusona app and register their work email addresses.

Delegated Access Setup

  1. Delegator: Log into Okta as him/herself.
  2. On the Okta dashboard, choose the application called 'Trusona'. This will open a new tab and present a Trusona QR code. 
  3. Delegatee: Scan the QR code from their Trusona app.
    The delegatee doesn't need to be in person as long as they have a way to scan the QR code.

Test Delegated Access

  1. Delegatee: Log into Okta.
  2. Delegatee: Scan the QR code and when asked which user account you are logging in as, choose the delegator's user account.