If you have not received a verification email from Trusona Please do the following:

1. Select "I did not receive an email".

2. Select "Change email" button. You will not have to use a different email, you can reenter the email you would like to use and have Trusona send you another verification email.

3. This will take you back to the previous screen. Tap on your email and reenter your email address. The white circle button turn purple after reentering your email.

4. Confirm that the email you entered is correct and select "Yes". 

Trusona allows for up to ten email addresses to be registered within the Trusona app. If you are not receiving an email from Trusona try a different email address to determine if you will receive a verification email to that address. Also, check your spam folder to see if the Trusona verification email arrived there.

The Trusona verification email will look like this