1. Can I use the Trusona app everywhere today?


Trusona needs to be adopted by a service provider (bank, healthcare, video streaming). If you have a Wordpress website or manage one, you can install our free Trusona plugin and seamlessly login. Want to try the #NoPasswords login on our site? Download the Trusona app and select the #NoPasswords button.

2. Can I use Trusona without a phone/device?


In the future, you may be able to log in with a "magic link". This option is not as secure as Trusona and could be adopted in some cases.

3. If I forget my phone/device at an airport, can someone else gain access to use my account? 


The app is unlocked using OS security (Touch ID, FaceID and Android Pattern Lock, etc.).

4. Can I use Trusona technology on multiple devices?


 Here is how to add Trusona on a new device

5. Can I use Trusona technology without internet connectivity on my phone/device?

6. Is Trusona storing my personal identifiable information (PII)?
Kind of.

Trusona stores your email address and name. All the rest of the information is not personally identifiable.

7. Can I use Trusona technology without scanning a QR code?

This video shows how Trusona technology uses “deep linking” to login on the same phone/device. We only use a QR on a second screen (desktop, laptop, TV, ATM, kiosk, etc.)

8. Can I use Trusona with an iPad?