What Is ATO Protect?

ATO Protect secures accounts, identifies risk, and provides tools for step up verification to recover accounts, locking out fraudsters and shutting down ATO risk. ATO Protect as a modular solution that works alongside your existing fraud protection services.

How Do I Verify A User?

Simply send the user a Trusonafy link, have them click the link and scan their government issued document, and then verify that data against authoritative sources (where available)

Which Documents Are Supported?

Currently, United States, Canadian, and United Kingdom Driver Licenses are supported. Passports are supported worldwide.

How Do I Scan Documents?

Simply use your mobile device's native camera to scan the barcode on the back of your license or the front of your passport.

How Long Does The Trusonafy Link To Verify A User Last?

Trusonafy Links to verify a user last for 10 minutes by default or until a document is scanned. If you want to change the default for your business, please reach out to support@trusona.com 

Can I Validate A Drivers License?

Yes! When prompted to scan, simply center the barcode on the back of your license in the middle of the screen and the scan will work automatically.

Can I Use A Phone Number To Validate A User?

Yes! ATO Protect hooks into the MNO (Mobile Network Operator) database and, with a supplied phone number, can verify a user (where available)

Does Trusona Store Any Data With ATO Protect?

Nope! All data exists within the instance of the current Trusonafy link, and once the Portal user leaves the page, the data is wiped. All data pertaining to DMV and MNO checks are fetched via API on the Portal user's request.

Can I Change The Domain Of The Trusonafy Link?

Absolutely! Trusona will work with your IT Administrator to implement the CNAME. More information on this process can be found here: Updating The Trusonafy Verification Link

What Should I Look For In The Results?

This is up to you and your company policies and procedures, here are some places to start:

  • Does the data the user is providing matching the data on the document they scanned?
  • Does the data on the document the end user scanned match the location of where they clicked the Trusonafy link?
  • Did the end user click the link twice? If so, were the clicks in the same location?
  • Does the data match against authoritative sources? (where available)

Which Devices, Operating Systems, And Browsers Are Supported?

All devices, operating systems, and browsers are supported! As long as a link can be opened in a browser and a mobile camera is in good working condition, ATO Protect will work for you.

Does It Require Any Integration Or Code Changes?

None! You can get ATO Protect the same day you ask for it and start getting value day 1.

How Can I Send Trusonafy Links?

You can send Trusonafy links via your preferred method, like email, text, or notification via your mobile app.

How Can I Get ATO Protect For My Business?

Please send an email to info@trusona.com to get started today!