Passkeys are saved in a device and are unique to that device, however, a passkey can be shared with a family member or someone else near your device.

If the devices share an account, the passkey will be available through iCloud Keychain or Google Password Manager. To add a passkey on a new device follow these steps.

Sharing a passkey with someone nearby

For Apple users, passkeys can be shared through the use of AirDrop.

  1. Ensure AirDrop is enabled in both devices, if not follow these steps.
  2. Open Settings on your iPhone, or System Preferences if you are using a Mac.
  3. Open the Passwords menu.
  4. Click on the account you'd like to share the passkey for.
  5. Click on the share icon.
  6. A list of nearby devices will be shown.
  7. Tap on the device you would like to share the passkey with.
  8. The device you shared the passkey with will have to accept the shared passkey.
If you encounter an error saying AirDrop was not successful, make sure that both devices have each other saved as a contact.