This guide will provide the steps needed to export JSON data from the API Console off the TAC Portal.


Step 1: Receiving API Information from TAC Portal

Ensure you have access to the TAC Portal

  1. Log in to your TAC Portal
  2.  On the top right click on the profile icon.
  3. From the Drop-down menu Click on API Console.
  4. Click on the "Generate Token" tab
  5. Click on the "Generate token for [domain]"
  6. Click on the "Copy Token" button.
  7. Save this token somewhere save as you will be needing it later.
  8. Click on the "Manage Tokens" tab.
  9. Listed at the top as "Active" should be the new token you generated.
    When you have completed usage of the token, make sure to revoke it by pressing the red Revoke button.
  10. Click on the "Schemas" tab.
  11. Click on the "Download" button, which will download the Authentication Events as a yml file.
  12. Note the location of the downloaded file, as you will need it later.
  13. Do not revoke the token until you have completed Step 2

Step 2: Converting YML File to JSON File

Feel free to use an API tool of your choice, the following steps were done using:

  1. Open the API interface tool.
  2. Cilck on the "File" tab.
  3. Click on "Import file" 
  4. Open the file from step 1.12.
  5. Once it has loaded, click on the "Authorize" button.
  6. In the "Value" field, enter the token value from Step 1.7.
  7. Click "Close"
  8. Under the "Events" section should be a r highlighted row titled "GET." Click on the drop-down icon near the right of the row.
  9. From the drop-down menu will be a section titled "Parameters," click on the "Try it out" button.
  10. In the "Domain" field, enter the name of the TAC domain that was used to download the YML file.
    The domain can also be found in the page where the token was generated in step 1.5
  11. In the "start_date" field, enter the first date of the month you are trying to extract data from. The format should be: YYYY-MM-DD.
  12. In the "end_date" field, enter the last date of the month you are trying to extract data from.
  13. Then click on the "Execute" button.
  14. After the file has finished being executed, scroll down to the Server Response section.
  15. Click on the "Download" button near the bottom right of the Server Response section.
  16. A JSON file will be downloaded. Note the location of this JSON file as you will need it to extract the data from Excel.
  17. You can now revoke the token found in the TAC Portal in step 1.9.