If you have a new phone and need to sign into your workstation, you will need to register your work email address within the Trusona app on the new phone. You can do this by following the steps listed in KB article - Registering with Trusona

Once you have completed those steps, you will need to run the 'Trusona Windows Setup' application on your workstation in order to sign in using the offline login feature. 

Run the Trusona Setup App

Once you have registered your work email address in the Trusona app on the new phone, you can log into your workstation. Both your workstation and phone need to have internet access in order for your phone to receive a push notification. 

If you do not complete the Trusona Windows Setup steps, you will not be able to sign into your workstation using the offline login feature.

1) Sign into your workstation using Trusona.

2) Double click on the 'Trusona Windows Setup' application. By default, this is located on your desktop. 

3) Continue through the prompts until you see a QR code. 

4) Open the Trusona app on your new phone, select 'Scan' and scan the QR code within the setup app.


After scanning the QR code, you will need to verify your identity by using biometrics or your phone's passcode. 

Once you have successfully paired your new phone, you can close the Trusona Windows Setup application without continuing through the demo. 

If you have any questions or need additional help, reach out to our support team at support@trusona.com