Trusona uses the same device security on your lock screen to gain entry into the Trusona app. If your device does not have a lock screen security set up than you will need to create one in order to register with Trusona. Trusona wants to ensure that no one can open the Trusona app if your device gets lost or stolen.

1.Select "Go to Settings" button

2. Select Settings on the top left

3. Select TouchID & Passcode

4. Create Passcode

5. Go back to the Trusona app and select "Exit Registration"

6. Select "Get Started" 

If you are using an Android device PIN, Pattern, or Biometric can be used for your device's lock screen. Swipe will not work

If you remove or change your device's screen lock after you have register in the Trusona app you will have to reregister again in the Trusona app.