Trusona Executive is a more secure way to use passwordless authentication because it requires an additional factor of authentication, your U.S. or Canadian Driver's License. It is free for users to upgrade to Trusona Executive. However, you only need to upgrade to Trusona Executive if the website that you are signing into with Trusona requires you to use Trusona Executive to log in.



Before you can upgrade to Trusona Executive, you must register with Trusona

Enabling Trusona Executive:

1. Open the Trusona app and select the person icon on the top right of the screen. 



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2. Select Upgrade





3. Select Scan Driver's License


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4. Scan your Driver's License


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5. You have now enabled Trusona Executive!



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If you would like to demo authenticating without a password and using your Driver's License as an additional factor, please visit