This document describes what you can do if you encounter an unexpected problem with Trusona authentication such as losing access to the smartphone previously registered with your computer or otherwise being unable to authenticate. There are a few options depending on your situation.

1. If a user can login

1. Run the Trusona Mac Setup app.
2. While pressing the Option key click on "Window" in the menu bar of the app. 

3. Slide down to select Test and Debug in the Window menu.
4. Using the Test and Debug window press the "Uninstall Trusona" button.

2. Re-onboard with new smartphone

The OTP seed used for off-line mode is backed up to iCloud (or Google cloud). If you transfer your cloud backup to a new phone, you should be able to login using off-line mode and then re-run Trusona Mac Setup to pair your new phone with your Mac computer.

3. Lost or damaged phone (auto login enabled)

If FileVault is enabled on your computer, you may be able to Restart your computer and enter the FileVault password to unlock the drive at the pre-boot FileVault screen before macOS starts up. This password will be carried forward by default to login once macOS has started (unless DisableFDEAutoLogin has been set).