Trusona for MacOs FAQs

What is Disable FDE Auto Login?

            FileVault Disk Encryption (FDE) is a security feature Mac users can enable on their device. If enabled, users will need to enter a password to unlock the disk and allow the Mac to finish starting up. Trusona for MacOs has a feature called "Disable FDE Auto Login." If this feature is enabled, users will not need to enter their password prior to their Mac starting up.

What are the default configurations for Trusona for MacOS?

            By default, Trusona for MacOs enables MFA for: Login, Escalation, Fast User Switching (FUS), Disable FDE Auto Login.

Why is Lock Screen not enabled by default?

            By default, Lock Screen is not enabled by Trusona for MacOS due to user experience. When Lock Screen is not enabled and the computer enters sleep mode, a user can unlock their screen using their password or TouchID. TouchID is not a multi factor authentication, as it acts as a shortcut to your password. 

How does FUS work with multiple users, some who may not be registered with Trusona?

            Fast User Switching (FUS) is a Mac feature that allows user profiles to be switched using an icon in the top menu. Using this feature, a user set up with Trusona MFA can switch into another user account that is not setup with Trusona MFA and vice-versa. If a user has not been set up with Trusona MFA, they will use their standard credentials to switch in to their account. If a user has been set up with Trusona MFA then they will be prompted for their password and to accept a request on their Trusona app.