Trusona for the Mac provides 2-Factor-Authentication by intercepting macOS authentication requests with a custom authorization plugin. It also stores private credentials safely by requiring root access and using the System Keychain. To perform operations with root privilege, Trusona Mac uses a Privilege Helper which is a tiny background program authorized to perform privileged operations on behalf of other programs.

Uninstalling Trusona involves properly removing these two components. You can uninstall Trusona using the Trusona Mac Setup app as described below.

1. Open the Test and Debug window

A logged in user can run the Trusona Mac Setup app and open the Test and Debug window as follows:

1. Press and hold down the Option-key
2. Click on "Window" in the menu bar of the Trusona Mac Setup app (with the option key down)

3. Slide down to select Test and Debug in the Window menu.

If you are prompted to authenticate, this means the Privilege Helper that corresponds with this version of the setup application is not already installed. You may have installed Trusona with an older version of the setup application for example.

If Trusona is installed, you may need to authenticate with Trusona 2-Factor Authentication. If this is not possible because you no longer have the smartphone that was paired with this computer, you can try cancelling the authentication request to proceed with an older version of the Privilege Helper. If this doesn't work, contact Trusona support to assist with recovery.

2. Remove the Authorization Plugin

Press Uninstall Trusona (Step 1) to remove the authorization plugin. The green dot indicates the plugin is currently installed (red means not installed).

3. Remove the Privilege Helper

Press Remove Privilege Helper (Step 2). You will need to authenticate as an administrator to perform this step since the Privilege Helper cannot be used to remove itself.

If you expect to enable Trusona again at a later time, stop here.

4. Remove leftover files (optional)

1. After the previous steps are completed, you can quit the Trusona Mac Setup app and drag it to the trash.

2. Remove the progams data files at Library/Application Support/Trusona 

3. Remove the preferences file at ~/Library/Application Support/Preferences/com.trusona.MacSetup.plist