Common troubleshooting steps for the Trusona and Salesforce integration are found below:

1. Why is the Trusona button not showing up on the login page?  

No Trusona Button

Trusona Button

The Trusona button may not appear for two reasons:

A. Make sure to use your custom login domain in Salesforce (Example:

If you enter you will not see the Trusona button.

B. Make sure you complete step 7 in the integration guide.

2. Why am I getting a Single Sign-On Error?

You may be seeing a Single Sign-On error for one of two reasons:

Error Reason 1: If you are inactive on your Salesforce custom URL login page for over 5 minutes then you will see the Single Sign-On error message after scanning the TruCode and selecting accept on your mobile device. This is a timeout security feature that is controlled by Salesforce.

Solution: Refresh the browser with your Custom Salesforce Login URL, click on the Trusona button, Scan TruCode, Select Accept on mobile device, and you’re in.

Error Reason 2. The second reason you may see the Single Sign-On error message is if the email address you registered in the Trusona app does not match the SAML Identity Type selected in SAML Single Sign-On Settings.

Solution: Login in the Salesforce through Go to Setup > In the Quick Find Search box type “Single Sign-on Settings” > Select Single Sign-on Settings > Trusona > Edit > SAML Identity Type > Pick between option 1 or 2 depending on how your Salesforce is set up.

Select Option 1 if the User’s Salesforce username is the same as their organization’s email address. This will be the same email address you register in the Trusona app.

Select Option 2 if the User’s Salesforce username is different than their organization’s email address. You will need to create a federation ID for those users. Please visit step 5B in the Trusona for Salesforce Integration guide.

You can see the user’s Salesforce username by going to setup > users > users.

3. What do I do if I do not see the Trusona Check box on the authentication configuration page under authentication services?  

Solution: If you do not see the Trusona checkbox then delete the XML file Trusona sent you and upload it again.

Setup > My Domain > Authentication Configuration > Edit. To check the Trusona box

Setup > Identity > Single Sign-on Settings > Del. To delete Trusona.

4. What do I do if the Identity Provider Login URL is blank after uploaded the .xml file given to me by Trusona?

Solution: Delete Trusona and upload the .xml again. Sometimes it takes a second upload for the Identity Provider Login URL to appear.

Trusona is available to answer any questions you may have about Trusona for Salesforce. You can contact us at

Next Steps

What do all the other Salesforce users in our organization need to know in order to start using Trusona for Salesforce?

Send your Salesforce users this link How to register with Trusona and using Trusona for Salesforce.