Trusona supports Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) and greater. For security purposes, Trusona will not work on a rooted device, a device that is not running Stock Android, or Stock Android firmware. New out of the box Android devices may not be "Stock" Android as device manufacturers and cellular providers may put custom firmware that will not pass Google's security checks.

If you download the Trusona app on your Android device and you see this image below Trusona will not work on your device. If the Trusona app does not work on your Android device then you most likely won't be able to add a credit card onto Google Wallet either since Google Wallet and Trusona share the same security checks.

There are many Android devices that have different paths to check its software version but all paths are fairly similar.

1. Select The icon with the little squares inside it

2.  Select the app that looks like a gear and says "settings" below it

3. Select the "About" might by a tablet or might be a phone

4. Now look for the Android version. If the version is 4.3 or above your device will support Trusona